Enhanced HOS solution added to Fleet Director

A new hours-of-service solution has been added to the Fleet Director software from Teletrac. The enhancement allows for the creation of fully compliant electronic logbooks in an easy-to-use system that helps eliminate errors, Teletrac said.

All status data is submitted to Teletrac’s cloud-based storage system that is fully accessible in real-time, the company added.

Teletrac said benefits of the system include:

  • Improved communication. Fleet managers can easily plan jobs and increase fleet efficiency by viewing up-to-date driver statuses.
  • A wealth of data. The HOS software provides up to eight days of driving data for the in-cab display.
  • Customization. Fleet managers can access a customizable HOS module by logging into the e-Client system that provides real-time data on all of their fleet’s drivers. The module also easily accommodates slipseat operations that involve multiple drivers on a specified route.
  • Easy integration. The HOS software module is fully integrated with other Fleet Director components for seamless operation.
  • Easy storage. Drivers can fully automate the entry and storage of all required information needed for driver logbooks.
  • Time-saving. Time-consuming and error-prone manual logbook entries and audits are easily eliminated.
  • User-friendly. Easy-to-use, easy-to-understand screens simplify driver workloads and facilitate rapid data entry. This HOS data is easily recorded, transmitted and displayed on the Fleet Director Tablet.
  • Fast retrieval. All relevant HOS information—such as driver identification and current status—is sent to the user’s computer for storage and retrieval via a wireless network. The stored data may also be transmitted to drivers as needed.

The product meets all applicable federal regulations while providing data on the beginning date of on-duty/drive time since last qualified rest; start time of on-duty/drive time since last qualified rest; cumulative drive time /since last qualified rest; cumulative on-duty time since last qualified rest; cumulative on-duty/drive time against weekly totals; current driver status; total miles driven for the last 24 hours; current on-duty status time; current sleeper berth status time; and current off-duty status times.

Additional reporting is available for customization.


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