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Fikes Truck Line implements Transflo Express

Fikes Truck Line and its sister company FTL Custom Commodities have implemented Pegasus TransTech’s Transflo Express Truckstop scanning solution.

“We’ve had a lot of contractors who have come to us from other companies who are familiar with Transflo Express and like using it,” said Jerry Davis, Fikes executive vice president.  “Transflo Express will shave some time off the billing cycle, and that will help Fikes. But it also helps the contractor and that is most important.”

Using Transflo Express, drivers simply hand delivery documents to a trained cashier for scanning, or, at many locations, can scan the documents themselves at kiosks. The documents are delivered electronically to the back office, speeding billing and payroll processing.

“Transflo Express delivers advantages to both fleets and their drivers,”

said Bob Helms, Pegasus TransTech chairman & CEO. “We’re very pleased that Fikes has selected us to help meet their document delivery needs. We believe Fikes Truck Line and FTL Custom Commodities will see improved cash flow and driver approval as a result.”

Fikes is a flatbed carrier with 300 drivers serving the Midwest. The 25 drivers of FTL Custom Commodities provide refrigerated service throughout the Midwest and Mid-south. Both companies are 100% owner-operator.

Document scanning is available from more than 850 truckstops nationwide.

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