Free mobile document scanning plan offered

Eleos Technologies is now offering a mobile scanning app that is free for drivers with no charge for sending documents. Fleets who choose to receive the documents under the free plan will receive high-quality images and a cover sheet, although document delivery will be a lower priority and advertisements may be included, Eleos said.

For users who want faster delivery and advertisement-free use, the Drive Axle mobile document scanning solution is also available with a $49/month premium plan that delivers an unlimited number of high-quality images with no cover sheet, and high-priority delivery to a single email address. A limited plan is also offered at $19/month, Eleos said.

The Drive Axle scanning app is available in the Apple App Store and in Google Play.

“We’re proud of our enterprise-class services that include powerful features like automatic rotation and classification of documents,” said Kevin Survance, CEO, “but small fleets don’t need that kind of power. They simply want to receive a high-quality image by email – fast. Now, for the first time in the history of trucking, small fleets have a smartphone-based document scanning solution with features and pricing to match their needs.”

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