Free online look at management software

LoadTrek Technologies has created an online, interactive product demonstration for its modular software program within the LoadTrek Transportation Management system. The look at the fully integrated software allows viewers to review each component or to select only modules needed for their unique operation.

The free program is available for viewing at

“The design of the demo was quite a challenge,” said LoadTrek Technologies COO Joel Beal. “LoadTrek is much more complete than a GPS, EOBR or dispatch system. The versatility of the LoadTrek system allows customers to activate only those individual modules they would use.”

The modules include:

  • Build Loads – load content, available equipment and drivers
  • Create Routes – match loads to customers, assign correct equipment/drivers
  • Intelligent Dispatch – equipment, drivers & loads assigned, job status updates, direct communications between dispatch and drivers
  • Monitor Vehicles, Drivers & Loads – real time data updates for location, speeds, actual versus plan
  • Measure Total Performance – see which employee is following plan, flag discrepancies, capture complete performance documentation
  • EOBR/Regulatory Compliance & Administration – equipment maintenance, driver vehicle inspection reports, routine maintenance schedules, parts inventories with all data updated in real time
  • Financial Analysis – complete financial data on each driver, customer profitability, automated jurisdictional reporting (IFTA, IRP), workforce allocations, performance exceptions and more

“We also wanted [customers] to see that although each module functions as a standalone piece of software, they are also all fully integrated,” Beal added. “They work alone to work together. This totally eliminates the costs and frustrations of working with various vendors trying to integrate their piece of load matching or route planning software with someone else’s mobile communications or fleet management system. After viewing the demo, we encourage those folks to contact us with any questions or clarifications that may be needed.”

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