FuelQuest data now integrated with Cadec’s in-cab solution

Data from the FuelQuest Fuel Management System (FMS) is now transmitted directly to Cadec Global’s PowerVue in-cab solution to allow businesses to affect orders, including dispatched orders, based on up-to-date procurement opportunities or changing site inventory needs.

FuelQuest has automated the end-to-end fuel management process allowing us to make deliveries at the right time to our 320-plus sites,” said Mickey Conway, vice president of trucking at truenorth Trucking.  “Now, through FuelQuest’s partnership with Cadec, we have critical order information integrated with a fleet management system that tracks fuel economy, driver performance, and regulatory compliance.  Greater visibility and control over our operations means higher fleet utilization rates, greater supply security, lower costs, and an improved service offering.”

FuelQuest powers the largest bulk fuel management network in the world providing its customers with an end-to-end solution that lowers the cost of procuring, managing, and accounting for fuel, Cadec said.  FMS and related ForeSite SV currently streamline truenorth fuel operations enabling fewer run-outs and retains through frequent, automated polling and just-in-time inventory management; lower working capital requirements by optimizing fuel inventory levels; and reduced fuel costs with automated inventory management, a self-service dealer portal, and easy-to-use truck scheduling tools.

“We are thrilled to partner with FuelQuest and offer these unique features to the fuel distributor industry,” said Pete Allen, CEO of Cadec.  “Fleets now have access to real-time data to make better decisions about vehicle allocation, deliveries, schedules, and more.  The combined solution provides fuel distributors with a much-needed edge in a highly competitive market.”

Cadec provides real-time data access for delivery operations. Cadec’s Software-as-a-Service solution acts as a single interface for all in-cab systems.

“This is an exciting partnership for us as it marks an industry first – integrated fuel management automation software and in-cab technology,” said Matt Tormollen, president and CEO of FuelQuest.   “Using Cadec’s PowerVue solution, fuel distributors can become more operationally efficient while enhancing the quality of the service they provide.  This is a powerful combination, and one the industry has demanded for a long time now.”

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