Geotab releases new telematics solutions

Company says new products enable tracking, enhance driver awareness

Geotab, a global provider of end-to-end telematics technology, recently released two new products – its Active Tracking solution and GO TALK. The company said its tracking solution provides location information faster and at a more granular level, with less data overhead than any other telematics solution currently on the market. And GO TALK, a new driver awareness tool, is designed provide real-time verbal feedback to fleet drivers, according to the company.

The Active Tracking solution is a new feature for use with MyGeotab, a web-based fleet management software, and the Geotab GO7 vehicle tracking device, which detects data from the engine, drivetrain, instrument cluster and other subsystems. When fleet owners enable Active Tracking, according to the company, the MyGeotab server tells the GO7 to deliver location updates as soon as they are available.

“Using patented algorithms, MyGeotab presents that granular location information on an animated map, reflecting the steady movement of the vehicle — instead of the jagged jumps seen with other telematics solutions,” the company said. “As a result, Geotab’s Active Tracking solution provides deep, actionable insights that are particularly useful in applications where the precise location of a vehicle for dispatch purposes is essential.”

“Ideally suited for first responders or any dispatcher wishing to closely monitor vehicle activity, Active Tracking is like viewing the vehicle from a traffic helicopter, able to watch live as the vehicle slows down for traffic, accelerates, stops at the side of the road or speeds down a winding road,” Geotab added.

According to the company, Active Tracking can enable rules-based applications such as:

  • When paired with Geotab’s new GO TALK solution, the company said it leverages text-to-speech for more comprehensive behind the wheel driver coaching, such as when drivers exceeds the posted speed limit.

  • Active Tracking notifies dispatchers when a service call will be late because the vehicle is stuck in traffic.

  • Active Tracking integrates data with third party applications, such as route planning, allowing dispatchers and managers to know when vehicles suddenly depart from a preferred route.

“Active Tracking is the latest example of Geotab’s commitment to providing fleet owners with actionable insights that they can’t get from any other telematics solution on the market,” said CEO Neil Cawse. “We’re confident that Active Tracking will become the must-have solution for first responders, taxi companies, trucking firms and other fleet owners that understand how live location information enables them to maximize productivity, efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction.”

GO TALK is an add-on module for the Geotab GO7 vehicle tracking device that combines GPS tracking, accelerometer and diagnostic data, as well as other manager programmable data incorporating time of day and location zones to relay instant, spoken instruction and safety information directly to fleet drivers. GO TALK also passes information back to the fleet management center on driver behavior and the effectiveness of responses to the audible coaching, the company noted.

“GO TALK is another big step forward in coaching fleet drivers and improving driving standards,” Cawse said. “The solution has road and driver safety at its heart, but fleet managers will also recognize productivity and fuel savings that GO TALK delivers.”

According to the company, GO TALK can issue coaching notifications to drivers for events such as:

  • Fastening seatbelt

  • Entering a restricted area

  • Exceeding a speed limit set by the safety supervisor

  • Leaving the engine idling for too long

  • Experiencing aggressive acceleration and harsh braking

  • Driving excessive hours

  • Driving outside of State

GO TALK is designed to work with Geotab’s GO7 fleet telematics device, which records and reports data on driving habits, safety and health of vehicle information, such as seat belt use, fuel consumption and engine diagnostics.

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