Google Earth mapping added to onboard event recorder

Google Earth mapping added to onboard event recorder

PeopleNet has added Google Earth mapping to its onboard recording events. Google Earth views will now be available within the PeopleNet Fleet Manager.

“In direct response to demand, we’ve given customers a ground level view that lets them ‘drive’ the onboard event recording event from point to point using the Google Earth view,” said vice president of software Jim Lowell. “Detailed map information is available about where the event triggered and the speed recorded during each second of the event, which paints a clearer picture of how the occurrence unfolded.”
The Google map will provide exact identification of the location when an event, such as an accident, occurs. It will map sudden acceleration or deceleration and can also be used for driver training and correcting unsafe driving behaviors.

PeopleNet customers that are using the Google Earth feature can click the KML file link to open the onboard event recording event in a separate Google Earth application window. The event “breadcrumbs” are displayed on the Google Earth map, giving the user the ability to tilt the map and zoom in and out. Onboard event recording information is provided for each “breadcrumb,” including latitude/longitude, brake, clutch, ECM Speed Engine RPM and GPS time, speed and heading. The graphic display of the GPS speed, vehicle speed, and RPM depicts on the map the acceleration/deceleration before and after the event.

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