Gorilla Safety releases Enterprise Bundle for large fleets

Gorilla Safety has unveiled its latest package to address a range of fleet needs, including dynamic daily vehicle inspection report, dynamic log view, advanced driver tools and advanced management tools.

The Enterprise Bundle is in part a response to the ELD mandate, as owners and operators of large companies note challenges meeting their bottom line. And not only does this assist their day-to-day tasks, but it benefits mechanics and drivers as well, the company noted.

The dynamic daily vehicle inspection report allows for personalization of equipment instruction requirements specific to their business, so administrators can closely monitor equipment. The dynamic log view gives customers control over the logbook, such as history and documented violations, for accurate representation of individual groups within their fleet.

With the advanced driver tools, professionals have two more functions typically required in bigger trucking companies. These extended capabilities alert drivers of upcoming load security checks following 50 miles and 150 miles of driving. It also allows the driver to fix potential mistakes in personal conveyance and yard moves to ensure accuracy in drive time logs, according to the company.

Gorilla Safety’s platform includes allocation and instruction of undisclosed drive time, with updated location services and archived statistical information.

“We are constantly striving to enhance our award-winning solution to better meet fleets’ evolving needs,” said co-founder and chief executive Mark Walton. “In the midst of recent, dramatic changes within our industry due to the ELD mandate, we know fleets and drivers are always seeking solutions that directly address their requirements and challenges.”

Gorilla co-founder and president Tommy Johnson elaborated that Enterprise gives sizable transportation companies a larger perspective.

“Our new Enterprise option aids larger fleets in having greater and improved oversight of their fleets while affording them the opportunity to better manage their drivers and operations,” Johnson said. “As the ELD mandate continues to shape the future of fleet management and safety, Gorilla Safety will advance too, ensuring we bring fleets all the tools necessary for achieving exceptional fleet performance in an affordable, easy-to-use platform that offers flexibility for any size fleet.”

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