GPS Insight adds custom categories, attributes to tracking software

New customization options and attributes have been added to GPS Insight’s fleet tracking software. With the new options, customers are able to define and apply specific business data to vehicles, equipment, drivers, landmarks, users, and hierarchy nodes within GPS Insight. 

Fleet managers can differentiate each vehicle, asset, driver, landmark, user, or hierarchy node, allowing them to assign things such as a generator to a specific vehicle or worker.

Once GPS Insight customers apply custom categories and attributes to their vehicles or equipment, they will be able to see this data, and filter based upon it within the GPS Insight mapping, reports, and alerts. Eventually, custom data fields and values will also be applicable to trips and stops which will help customers to bill more effectively, determine tax on personal vehicle usage, and more. 

“We have always paid attention to custom requirements from our users, and now, by allowing them to define their own highly custom categories and attributes and assign them to objects within GPS Insight, we are able to provide a perfectly tailored product for their specific needs,” said Robert Donat, CEO.

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