GPS provider offering onboard safety camera

Isotrak, a provider of GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, is now offering an onboard safety camera solution to help protect against fraudulent insurance claims among other benefits.

Available both as a standalone unit or integrated with ATMSi, Isotrak’s fleet management system, the camera provides recordings of a vehicle’s activity.

According to Isotrak, the camera provides vital, accurate, and court-admissible evidence that can cut insurance claim costs by as much as 50% and protect operators against malicious and false claims.
Safety cameras also capture data to help drivers and operators reduce speeding events, reduce accident rates, and lower accident costs.

“We are excited to be at the cutting edge of fleet safety,” said Alex Ognjanac, vice president of sales and marketing. “It is important for our target market to embrace on-board safety cameras, as this is the direction that the industry is going in and will be an integral step in running a more efficient and safe transportation business.”

When integrated with ATMSi, users receive real-time event alerts, thus allowing for prompt investigation into a vehicle and driver’s activity.

For a small service fee, this is combined with all the added features of ATMSi’s fleet management solutions, including:

  • Reducing fuel costs
  • Improving driver behavior
  • Monitoring driver scorecards
  • EOBR, HOS and DVIR compliance
  • Job Management – plan vs. actual

Other cited advantages of the camera include:

  • Lower insurance claims costs
  • Minimize insurance premiums
  • Protect against fraudulent insurance claims
  • Lower accident rates
  • Mitigate accident costs
  • Reduce the number of incidents


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