GPS vehicle tracker runs on Verizon system

A new GPS vehicle tracker from LiveViewGPS works exclusively on the Verizon CDMA wireless system. The hardwired VLS 300VZ GPS features a 3-wire hookup and can be configured to update vehicle locations at 1-, 2- or 5-minute intervals.

The VLS 300VZ GPS is based on LiveViewGPS’ VLS platform, an Internet-based GPS tracking system for small businesses. It includes a fully-featured, real-time, on-demand GPS tracking system with no software and no contracts.

“The VLS 300VZ GPS vehicle tracker is a low-cost entry device for small fleets, company vehicles and personal vehicles in areas with poor GSM coverage,” said George Karonis, LiveViewGPS CEO, “and it’s even programmed to store and forward information whenever a vehicle loses CDMA coverage, so users never have to worry about data loss.”

Users can long onto the system through their web browser or web-enabled mobile device. The user-friendly interface provides vehicle location via a high-resolution satellite map. Users have the option of calling a special phone number instead of using a mobile device.

The system automatically texts/emails alerts whenever it detects a vehicle speeding, entering restricted zones, deviating from routes and more. Automated detailed reports include starts/stops, excessive idling, mileage and speeding. State-to-state mileage reporting is also available.

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