GroteVR technology allows users to do business virtually

Grote Industries calls its GroteVR "the future of Grote’s customer experience." “Utilizing virtual reality (VR) technology, GroteVR will allow customers to sample Grote lighting products in true environments, directly from their home, office or workplace,” the company said.

“It is another example of how we work to make it easier to do business with Grote,” said global vice president of marketing and sales John Grote. “We take care of the details for our customers so they can focus on other aspects of their jobs.”

According to the company, with a VR headset, customers are virtually transported to a different location, whether that is inside a vehicle or in a work shop, where they can experience Grote products at work.

"GroteVR will not only allow end users to experience innovative, cost saving Grote lighting solutions, it will revolutionize how we connect and interact with our customers,” said Grote digital marketing manager Jessica Lock. “Being on the forefront of technology is an exciting thing. Working for a company who encourages this, is even more so."

VR was first introduced to the worlds of science and technology in the late 1980s early ‘90s, but was not popularized by broader audiences until the mid-2000s. Grote began experimenting with VR in 2013, just over 20 years after initial development. GroteVR is planned to launch next year.

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