Jason Koch Telogis president amp cofounder

Jason Koch, Telogis president & co-founder

Intelligent dispatch, compliance added by Telogis

DANA POINT, CA.  Telogis announced that its mobile resource management (MRM) software platform is rolling out a number of new features that exploit deep learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence technologies. Unveiled during the company’s first user conference since being acquired by Verizon earlier this year, the new features are intended to improve vehicle productivity, compliance with Federal regulations, and fleet customer service, according to president and co-founder Jason Koch.

The new Telogis Spotlight mobile application gives supervisors and managers in the field a snapshot of fleet activity, presenting critical analytics about vehicle health and driver performance in charts and graphics that are easy to read on smartphones and other handheld devices, according to Koch. It provides vehicle location information either on maps or in list views, and makes it easy share data with others via email or other digital channels. It will be available in early 2017, according to the company.

Telogis Compliance is designed to make it easier for drivers and their supervisors to meet and manage Federal hours of service (HOS) rules, including support for sometimes complicated local exemptions. Another app in the compliance package takes advantage of sensors in a driver’s smartphone or tablet to automatically confirm compliance with required driver vehicle inspections, recording the driver’s path as they complete their pretrip walk-around.

It’s available now for both Android and Ios at Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The Telogis Dynamic Response Suite brings automated intelligence to dispatch and route optimization, according to Koch.  The dispatch module allows a dispatcher or manager to drag and drop a new job into a fleets daily schedule already underway. It then automatically applies the fleet’s business rules to find the best fit for the new job based on driver hours, vehicle requirements and locations, customer requirements and other variables. The intelligent dispatch module will be available early next year, according to the company.

A second module in the new suite, Telogis ControlRoom, provides a graphical view of a fleet’s real-time activity, allowing managers to take quick action to handle problems. It is currently available and works with most current work-order management systems used by fleets, according to Koch.

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