Internet Truckstop launches new onboarding solution for carrier monitoring

Load-board service Internet Truckstop has launched a new carrier onboarding solution for the monitoring of carriers. The solution streamlines what was a long and tedious process of onboarding carriers into a task that now saves time and money on monitoring, collecting data and data input, the company said.

“Our onboarding process is light years ahead of anything out there as far as onboarding packages,” said Thayne Boren, vice president of sales. “This simplifies and refines the process of onboarding for transportation as we know it. The whole process that would take faxing, emailing, signing and data entry is done in a few minutes. That means a huge time and money savings for our customers.”

The onboarding process can now be done in three steps. Brokers set up, brand and maintain their own website, hosted by Internet Truckstop. The website allows brokers to create a profile to define business thresholds carriers must meet to be qualified. The process also supports multiple profiles, allowing customers to apply specific requirements for different parts of the business.

Course modules allow brokers to set up and define the onboarding process from start to finish. Onboarding is designed to find, qualify, set up and manage transportation partners, Internet Truckstop said. Brokers will be able to continually monitor carrier CSA scores, insurance information, authority and more.

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