Introducing Goose by FieldLogix

App enhances overall efficiency, improves fleet decisions, company says

FieldLogix, a fleet management service company that provides technology to cut down on fuel expenses and labor costs, announced its newest mobile application, Goose!

According to the company, the software is a remedy to the headaches that comes with dispatching routes. “Goose allows dispatchers to optimize their drivers’ routes and remain in direct communication with them throughout the day,” the company said. “It ensures that drivers have optimized routes, job details, and navigation all on their iPhone.”

Goose simultaneously notifies the company’s clients of the driver’s ETA to ensure they are ready for the driver’s impending arrival via text messaging. Goose accounts for Google’s real-time traffic speeds in its ETA calculations, FieldLogix said. 

"Goose provides an Uber-like experience for the clients of delivery and service companies.” said FieldLogix’s founder and CEO Yukon Palmer. “Rather than waiting around for a four-hour time window, a company's clients now have more accurate ETA's for driver arrival times. Plus, drivers will be much more efficient with their time on the road, allowing them to get home to their families in a timely manner. Dispatchers also benefit by properly planning their drivers' workdays and staying on top of their statuses. Goose is a significant step into the future of GPS fleet management!"

The app is now available at the Apple Store.

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