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031519 2019 Tower 1.jpg Photo: Konexial

Konexial’s 2019 release of My20 Tower

The My20 Tower calculates a driver’s dynamic capacity based on the hours of service, location and truckload availability—data automatically logged by the My20 ELD—and matches the fleet’s trucks with available loads.

Konexial has unveiled the 2019 version of its My20 Tower, an enterprise fleet management system based on My20 ELD next-generation telematics technology. Designed specifically for fleet managers, My20 Tower contains everything needed to meet FMCSA electronic logging device compliance, while receiving real-time data on all trucks and drivers on the road and using that ELD data to enable dynamic load matching—providing opportunities to utilize all freight assets and dramatically increase earning potential for an entire fleet.

“Before this latest release, we spoke to the thousands of drivers in our network to make sure we were making improvements that they cared about,” said Ken Evans, CEO of Konexial. “We found that more actionable analysis of both ELD and safety data continued to be important, but also some cosmetic features like Dark Mode and Dynamic Capacity Bubbles were near the top of the list as well.”

The 2019 version of Konexial’s My20 Tower features:

  • Vehicle Safety Dashboards: Providing analysis of driving issues including braking and cornering too hard, or accelerating too fast, creating feedback/coaching opportunities to correct habits and prevent future equipment/accident issues.
  • Mobile Document Dispatch: Mobile transmit of documents including scale tickets, accident reports and bill of lading for quick reference and communication.
  • Dynamic Capacity Bubbles: A visual representation of location, current hours-of-service and truckload availability of every driver in a fleet on a mapping screen.
  • Dark Mode Capability: For better readability as fleet managers sift through available opportunities and up-to-the minute ELD, asset and truckload data.
  • Instant Trucking Rates: Up-to-the-Minute trucking rates listed all on one screen for quick reference.


Photo: Konexial

“The My20 Tower was a key selling point of the My20 fleet of products,” said Ron Greenleaf, owner of Greenleaf Transport. “I'm able to track and gather full diagnostic reports on my assets at all times. Getting real-time data has made a tremendous difference—I get accurate information on my drivers and equipment every minute that they’re out on the road. The updated look and feel of the My20 Tower is user-friendly and easy to use.”

In 2018, VDC Research analyst Pat Nolan published “The Big Rig Biz Meets Big Data, Tech” which highlights Konexial as a leading example of growth within the FMCSA-mandated “mashup between trucking and tech.”

According to Nolan’s report, “Konexial’s GoLoad Dynamic Load Matching (DLM), allows independent drivers to receive load opportunities pushed right to their phones in order to gain extra revenue when truck capacity and route convenience allow it.”

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