KS Industries deploys SmartDrive’s event recording system

KS Industries, a provider of engineering, fabrication, maintenance, and construction services, is deploying SmartDrive Systems’ event recording system across its fleet.

Serving a number of hazardous industries, including upstream oil and gas production, natural gas treating and transportation, refining, cogeneration, heavy industrial and all types of pipelines, the system is helping KS Industries enhance its motor vehicle safety program to capture risk and improve the safety of drivers operating in grueling work environments, SmartDrive said.

KS Industries previously relied on more than 1,300 GPS units to monitor driving performance but was not happy with the data generated. SmartDrive’s video-based safety program offers actionable insights into unsafe driving, the company explained.

Risky driving events are recorded, reviewed and prioritized by SmartDrive’s driving experts for follow-up, improving the effectiveness of coaching sessions while also saving time. The technology has been installed in KS Industries’ vehicles, both transporting passengers and carrying specialty equipment with high rollover potential.

“Given that 75% of tank rollover crashes result from unsafe driving behaviors, we selected SmartDrive for its insightful analytics and reporting. The technology captures a wide-range of unsafe events with its platform and direct connection to the engine that go well-beyond what a GPS system is able to deliver, allowing us to isolate high-risk events with tailored coaching and ensure that our drivers come home safely,” added Eric Crozier, corporate fleet manager for KS Industries.

SmartDrive’s open-platform approach captures both vehicle and driver information to provide a unified view of incidents, delivering a true picture of what’s happening on the road, and ensuring that fleets are focused on the right areas to improve safety and reduce costs.

“Fleets that operate in high-risk work environments require fast access to critical information to keep its drivers, vehicles and cargo safe and we are proud to have been selected by KS Industries to aid with this important mission,” said Steve Mitgang, CEO of SmartDrive. “Our open, configurable platform delivers immediate results by helping fleets quickly identify exposure, isolate and eliminate the highest risk areas, and prevent future events from occurring with an effective and measurable video-based safety program.”

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