Load-board service launches

Quick Transport Solutions (QuickTSI) has launched a new load board for anyone looking to match available trucks to loads.

The board offers users the ability to post loads or trucks, and find trucks or loads. Carrier profiles can able be searched.

“One of the biggest advantages of using QuickTSI Load Board over traditional load boards is the visibility of the postings it offers,” said Preet Kahlon, co-founder. “Any load or truck posted within QuickTSI Load Board will be displayed across the entire QuickTransportSolutions.com high traffic website. This means that users can reach companies that traditional load board users only dream of reaching.”

Users must sign in to the site before company information is revealed, Kahlon noted, creating a level of security and user credibility.

“We’ve listened to the frustrations of many traditional load board users over the years and understand that load-board service users want affordability, simplicity and visibility,” he added.

According to Kahlon, the QuickTSI load board offers visibility, unlimited truck and freight searching, LTL and TL freight, an easy to use dashboard, radius search, match alerts, carrier profile search, and free unlimited freight and truck posting.


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