Long-term data reporting from Networkfleet

Wireless fleet management company Networkfleet is making more than 20 reports available for its new 365-day reporting capability. This new capability will provide fleet managers with a full year’s worth of vehicle and fleet performance data, allowing them to identify patterns and pinpoint improvements to improve efficiency and reduce costs, Networkfleet said.

“Networkfleet has always provided a comprehensive reporting system to help fleets analyze and improve their operations. However, organizations with fleets consistently require a more granular view of their operations,” said Keith Schneider, president & CEO of Networkfleet. “With the added flexibility of 365-day reporting, they can quickly assess long-term performance metrics and make strategic decisions about how to best manage their fleet.”

Among the reports that now incorporate 365-day reporting are speed reports, fuel usage and MPG, fleet utilization, activity reports, idle time and GPS fleet tracking.

Managers can review long-term fuel usage or speed trends, running end-of-the-year reports and comparing months or years. The reports can be generated in real time or can be scheduled to run automatically.

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