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A look at BlackBerry's 2018 Security Summit

On Thursday, October 4, BlackBerry held its 2018 Security Summit in New York City. Covering everything from cyber security to social engineering, the summit dedicated a portion of its discussions to the trucking and transportation industries. Executive chairman and CEO of BlackBerry Jon Chen, followed by Mark Wilson, chief marketing officer at BlackBerry, shared their views, goals, and insight on how BlackBerry plans to grow in these spaces. 

The summit covered three floors of the Grand Hyatt in NYC, entertaining attendees with 30 minute breakout sessions, tech talks, and industry perspectives. With freedom to roam through the event, attendees could enter the ballroom space and learn from multiple BlackBerry sponsors on different technologies breaking into the tech arena, spanning from annotation applications to the newest tech from Samsung. 

Here's a graphic look at the summit and BlackBerry's vision for the trucking industry. 

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