Lytx unveils video-based safety program for smaller fleets

Built off of the insight gleaned from its DriveCam product, Lytx has unveiled DC Protect, a video-based driver safety and compliance solution.

DC Protect is designed for fleets with fewer than 350 vehicles, low insurance deductibles and limited safety resources. It is an optimized solution with self-service tools that the company’s proprietary Lytx Safety Score. DC Protect helps identify and manage the drivers who would benefit most from coaching and performance improvement, the company said. 

“Recognizing that one program doesn’t fit all, we’ve added DC Protect to our portfolio of powered by Lytx solutions which includes: DC Enterprise for large, multi-site fleets; DC Highway and RAIR Compliance Services for the trucking market, and fleet tracking and fuel management service bundles,” said Rob Bartels, senior vice president, new ventures.

Using video, DC Protect’s event recorder captures events and analyzes behavior while providing real-time feedback to help keep drivers safe. The patented the Lytx Safety Score assesses the probability of being in a collision based on data from more than 25 billion miles driven and collected over more than 15 years. By understanding how behavioral patterns are indicative of risky driving behavior, DC Protect prioritizes drivers based on their risk assessment, Lytx said.

Through use of the system, fleet managers can focus quickly on drivers with a higher probability of being involved in a collision to help predict and reduce the frequency and severity of collisions. Video events from actively managed drivers are captured and uploaded to the Lytx review center. Events are immediately available on the DriveCam Online platform and those with risk identified are marked for coaching so that client supervisors can conduct coaching sessions and improve driver performance. Events for all other drivers can be selectively retrieved as needed in the event of a collision or other incident.

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