Magellan navigation software now on CalAmp Android-based terminal

CalAmp is now offering Magellan’s navigation software on its MDT-7 Android-based mobile data terminal under a new partnership.

The inclusion of Magellan’s software will give CalAmp users advanced features such as turn-by-turn navigation, speed limit and speed alert notifications, integrated safety options, and trip planning enhancements.

CalAmp offers wireless products, services and solutions.

“This preferred partnership allows CalAmp to offer a rich set of mobile navigation features in the U.S. and Canada on our popular MDT-7 terminal at a competitive price. It combines Magellan’s best-in-class software with CalAmp’s proven and comprehensive fleet management offering,” said Greg Gower, senior vice president and general manager of CalAmp’s Mobile Resource Management (MRM) business. “CalAmp is committed to continually expanding our offerings including content options that enable our customers to differentiate their solutions while also helping meet their evolving business objectives.”

The CalAmp MDT-7 Android mobile data terminal is now available bundled with one of two Magellan navigation software packages. With the first package, customers can select Magellan’s Fleet Navigation application, which provides an array of trucking and fleet attributes including route optimization based on customized vehicle profiles, highway lane assist to safely navigate complex highway interchanges, and fully integrated points of interest such as truck stops, lodging and weigh stations.

The second package offers customers the Fleet Consumer Navigation variant for automotive fleet implementations such as taxis and limousines that do not require commercial trucking attributes.

CalAmp said it will also make Magellan cloud service packages available that provide access to features such as real-time fuel pricing, map updates, weather, traffic reports and alerts. Customers will also have access to state mileage tracking for IFTA fuel logging and hours of service (HOS) tracking and reporting.

The companies are also working to make the fleet-specific cloud services offering available to a wider audience through aftermarket channels including the CalAmp Appstore and Magellan's online portal.

“Magellan is pleased to partner with CalAmp to deliver industry leading fleet navigation and cloud services to their extensive customer base. We look forward to working together to promote and co-market the integration of the CalAmp MDT-7 with Magellan’s commercial-grade navigation software,” said Peggy Fong, president of Magellan. “We believe this partnership will bring a winning combination of products and services to the growing fleet management market.”

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