Maintenance reporting tool integrated with PeopleNet

Data Dis has announced that its maintenance reporting tool has been integrated with PeopleNet to allow for automatic data flow between the systems.

Software provider Data Dis said the integration of its MIR-RT (Maintenance Inspection Reporting in Real Time) with PeopleNet’s systems will result in data such as daily odometer readings being sent via PeopleNet to the MIR-RT fleet maintenance software system. Also, drivers doing a pre-trip inspection using a report in the PeopleNet solution will have their data sent to MIR-RT where inspection faults will be recorded, ensuring compliancy and regulation. 

“Not only will the integrated communication solution provide an innovative compound process improvement system for our customers,” said Marc Blackburn, president of Data Dis. “MIR-RT’s integration with PeopleNet will provide the electronic pre-trip to work order link that so many companies are asking for. The integration will allow a quick transfer of back and forth data, providing more efficient, simplified communication. This will allow management to easily see issues as they arise, enabling them to prioritize repairs and get vehicles back on the road quickly.”

Engine codes and driver message repair notes will also be sent to MIR-RT, which is a centralized information system for scheduling, managing, analyzing and reporting on all aspects of maintenance, including preventive maintenance, work orders, maintenance requests, inventory, barcode, and predictive maintenance, Data Dis said.

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