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McLeod Software headquarters in Birmingham, AL.

McLeod and TIA updates get customers more out of 3PL report

McLeod Software has teamed with the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) to make participation in the TIA's 3PL Market Report easier for current McLeod Software customers.

The TIA 3PL Market Report is a quarterly report that gathers operating data to present a realistic view of the 3PL industry. The 30-page report examines metrics such as revenue and margin per shipment changes and the most recent eight quarter trends. It details the reasons for volume, revenue and margin changes. The publication is based on a monthly survey of TIA members who submit real operating data, and answer questions on business conditions affecting the 3PL industry. It provides a report on the trends and practices of the 3PL industry, providing a representative understanding of what is happening within this business sector.

With Version 18.1, PowerBroker customers get automated report input to make it easier to submit to participate in this TIA Initiative. "At McLeod Software we are proud to partner with the TIA and our PowerBroker customers to bring this new product to market. Our customers will be able to easily participate in this impactful report that helps benchmark the industry," said Robert Brothers, manager of product development for McLeod Software.

"We are very excited that McLeod Software took the lead in developing APIs for their 3PL customers to submit data to TIA’s 3PL Market Report. It is essential for any business to know how they are doing," TIA President and CEO Robert Voltmann said. "The TIA 3PL Market Report allows 3PLs to benchmark their performance against industry peers. The McLeod APIs make this benchmarking effortless and free."

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