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McLeod partners with Spireon on trailer tracking

Spireon’s FleetLocate trailer tracking integrated Into McLeod Software

Spireon, Inc., a provider of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and trailer tracking solutions and McLeod Software, one of the leading providers of transportation management software, announced the integration of Spireon’s FleetLocate real-time trailer data into the McLeod LoadMaster Enterprise system at this week McLeod Users’ Conference in Birmingham, AL.

According to the two firms, thanks to this integration fleetscan now “capture and leverage business intelligence to save significant costs, improve customer service and make faster, more profitable business decisions.”

Spireon said FleetLocate’s real-time trailer visibility enables fleets to see which trailers are underutilized and helps identify where there’s a “real need” for more trailers.  This rich data also allows transportation companies to reduce their overall trailer count while maintaining the same amount of workload.

The first trucking company to use the integrated system is Tutle & Tutle Trucking, based in Cleburne TX.  According to the two providers, integration “gives Tutle & Tutle the benefit of seeing their entire fleet of trucks and trailers on one screen.  Dispatchers have a complete view of tractors, trailers, drivers and loads. Now their operations team has a systematic way to track trailers within their McLeod LoadMaster dispatch system.”

In addition, the fleet receives real-time updates when their trailers move and the ability to track the actual mileage as it accumulates and operations and maintenance personnel instantly receive a notification when a trailer is ready for service and the exact location.

“FleetLocate is unlike other trailer tracking systems; we provide continual, real-time views of the entire fleet of trailers,” said Roni Taylor, vice president of Product Marketing for Spireon. “Through the partnership with McLeod, our customers will now receive valuable trailer reporting capabilities within McLeod’s Loadmaster software to enable them to do more with less trailers and improve overall utilization.”


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