McLeod releases Version 11.0 of LoadMaster and PowerBroker

McLeod Software announced the release of its newest version of LoadMaster Enterprise and PowerBroker this week. The 11.0 version is designed to give carriers and brokers new tools to manage service levels in addition to new analysis and accounting tools.  

According to the company, “significant functional enhancements and new third-party integration solutions were added to the products,” including new integration solutions for Internet Truckstop, Tenstreet, Macropoint Lite, Blue Tree Systems and iBright. The existing LoadMaster integration solutions for mobile communications suppliers Qualcomm and Xata have also been enhanced and expanded in this release.

There are also nearly a dozen enhancements for the McLeod financial solution which is integral to both the LoadMaster and PowerBroker products. The enhancements are designed to enable companies to set up statistical accounts in their general ledger to do cost roll-ups and establish cost centers with greater ease. Financial reports from the system can also now calculate ratios of accounting data to non‐accounting data, such as drivers, employees, customers, tractors, miles and other variables.

The new analytic tools for service level history are intended to give both carriers and brokers insight

into historical information about how customers are being served and the context for measuring those service levels against a variety of key factors and variables that they can control, noted McLeod.  The process of offering and accepting loads has also been streamlined and further automated for outside carriers along with enhancements to the PowerBroker internet portal for customers and carriers.

A lane analysis tool has been added to PowerBroker, as well, to allow brokers to analyze their lanes by carrier margins, effectively letting brokers create their own lane rate index for any market they serve. Brokers can also quickly see comprehensive up-to-the minute load offer and acceptance history for each carrier.

Both the LoadMaster Enterprise and PowerBroker Version 11.0 are schedule to begin shipping immediately.

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