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McLeod unveils new solutions for logistics companies

McLeod recently introduced its LogixSolutions eRate Confirmation, which it says simplifies the rate confirmation process for brokers by creating an electronic form to capture, record, and automate the workflow process.

With this solution, McLeod said its logistics customers running PowerBroker can send carriers a web link to complete the rate confirmation. Once the carrier hits submit, all of their data flows into PowerBroker, and sets the status so that the broker visually knows the rate confirmation process is complete.

“It eliminates the need for further data entry, so customers don’t waste time handling faxes and entering that data, or risk data-entry errors,” according to the company.

 “This is probably one of the most game-changing products that I’ve seen,” said David Abell, A.M. Transport Services.

“By automating the process, we know that most of the rate confirmations we send out will be handled without delay,” said Karmel Dabner, Meadow Lark Agency. “We save time and labor. It probably saves about an hour a day per person.”

McLeod said its LogixSolutions Carrier Onboarding gives broker customers an automated software solution that delivers carrier qualification and business process management in one tool. McLeod added it developed this solution not only to automate the onboarding process but also to make it easier for carriers to do business with brokers who use the McLeod solution - they no longer have to print out forms, fill them out and fax them back.

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