Mercer Transportation taps J.J. Keller for EOBR, e-log contract

Mercer Transportation has selected EOBR and e-log compliance solutions from J.J. Keller & Associates. The Keller Mobile platform will be outfitted on approximately 2,200 trucks, J.J. Keller said.

“We started speaking with Mercer about our EOBR/e-log solutions in early 2012. Those discussions progressed into a series of qualification reviews, web conferences, and live product demonstrations,” Mike O’Neill, J.J. Keller’s Midwestern senior regional field sales manager, said. “Mercer wanted to stay ahead of the impending EOBR mandate, and achieve electronic hours-of-service (HOS) compliance. Additionally a key objective was the reduction in potential log violations related to FMCSA Parts 395.8 and 15 (general form/manner and Automatic on-board recording devices).  They were looking for a simple and cost-effective way to achieve compliance.”

Mercer’s complete EOBR/e-log solution includes J.J. Keller’s Encompass, a cloud-based back office system that enables safety and compliance staff to monitor real-time compliance and driver performance. The Keller Mobile compliance apps load onto drivers’ smartphones or tablets and instantly send data to the Encompass system. The J. J. Keller onboard recorder (electronic logging device) captures driver log data, validates HOS compliance, and more. Any regulatory changes are pushed to the devices automatically, so there’s never a need to download additional software or purchase different hardware.

“The system virtually eliminates hours-of-service violations,” said O’Neill. “For a fraction of the cost of typical systems, Mercer is able to comply with federal regulations never worrying about regulatory software updates. Mercer delivers over 250,000 loads annually, so safety and compliance are vital to their success and to the well-being of not just their drivers, but to everyone with whom they share the road. J. J. Keller is committed to providing a comprehensive E-Log solution that contributes to Mercer’s reputation as a safe, reliable carrier.”


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