Meritor Wabco updates Toolbox software

Meritor Wabco has updated its diagnostics and troubleshooting software program, Toolbox.

The new release – Toolbox 11.2 – provides further time-saving for the growing customer base of Meritor Wabco’s electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) technology.

“With Toolbox 11.2, fleet customers using Meritor Wabco’s ECAS product no longer need to supply a unique PIN number to calibrate their ECAS systems, resulting in valuable time-saving,” said Carsten Duevell, senior director, Vehicle Control Systems. “Ease-of-use is part of our commitment to continuously provide our customers with maximum convenience and better time efficiency. The new PIN-less calibration of ECAS applies to all 12V systems.”

The update, available free of charge to current Toolbox 11 users, is available for download 24 hours a day at

Meritor Wabco launched its Toolbox 11 software package in May 2013. It features a more intuitive and efficient user interface, improved navigation and an expanded help function. Additional innovations include diagnostics for:

  • The new generation of OnGuard, the first commercial vehicle collision safety system with active braking
  • OnLane, an innovative lane-departure warning system developed specifically for commercial vehicles

Additionally, Toolbox 11 and 11.2 users can now download color video-recorded critical safety events captured by OnLane.

Toolbox allows technicians to view system faults, follow repair instructions, track wiring schematics, verify system integrity and efficiently adjust component operation.

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