Michigan carrier implements Transflo Express

Redline Enterprises, a Saginaw, MI-based truckload carrier and logistics provider, has implemented the Transflo Express truck stop scanning solution from Pegasus TransTech.

According to Pegasus TransTech, Redline Enterprises runs a diverse operation that includes warehouses in Nogales, AZ, as well as in Saginaw, Hudson, and Menominee, MI. The Redline fleet comprises almost 100 units.

“We’re mainly truckload and we do automotive work, long-haul, and some produce,” said Managing Partner Rick Burnett, adding that the company switched to Transport Express “because it streamlines the process and immediately gives us the bills of lading and PODs we need to bill our customers.”

According to Burnett, Redline drivers had been sending documents by U.S. Postal Service or by faxing.

Drivers simply hand delivery documents to a trained cashier for scanning at more than 900 truck stops including all Pilot, Flying J, and Love’s locations. At many truck stops, drivers can scan documents themselves at kiosks if they prefer. The documents are delivered electronically in seconds to headquarters for immediate billing and payroll processing.

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