Mobile Awareness adds obstacle detection to MobileTRAQ

NASHVILLE. Mobile Awareness has added the SenseStat Obstacle Detection Backing Sensor System to its MobileTRAQ Vue system.

The low-cost SenseStat hardware add-on feature works with MobileTRAQ Vue by displaying four zones behind the vehicle to help fleets and drivers prevent backing accidents. The system automatically detects when the vehicle is in reverse and changes the display from monitoring the TireStat tire sensors to displaying the SenseStat backing sensors. The waterproof sensors work in all weather conditions and provide the location of an obstacle within four individual zones behind the vehicle, accurate to within one inch, the company said.

The MobileTRAQ Vue monitor displays all zones in real-time, indicating the specific area closest to an object.

“Extending the value of MobileTRAQ Vue by integrating our SenseStat Obstacle Detection Sensors provides commercial vehicle fleets with a cost-effective and easy to install accident prevention solution,” said Gary Rothstein, president at Mobile Awareness. “What makes it even more valuable is that there is no additional display to distract the driver on an already crowded vehicle dashboard.”

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