Mobile Awareness releases TPMS yard-monitoring application

Mobile Awareness has released YardTRAQ, a TPMS yard monitoring application compatible with its MobileTRAQ Vue in-cab vehicle monitor.

YardTRAQ utilizes the same TireStat tire pressure monitoring sensors that work with the MobileTRAQ Vue, providing immediate warnings of low tire pressure as a vehicle enters a parking or service facility. This local computer and cloud -based system detects all TireStat sensors mounted on tractors, trailers and/or utility vehicles in real-time within the yard and delivers continuous tire readings and alerts via electronic notification. Since the TireStat sensors transmit every 60 seconds, even assets in the yard for cross-dock or quick-turns are detected so that a vehicle service attendant can immediately address any issues.

“While inflation systems can keep a leaking tire in service during travel, when the trailer or asset is without power, tires do deflate and often go unnoticed,” said Gary Rothstein, president. “We developed YardTRAQ to alert the maintenance team when the vehicle returns home to help fleets avoid costly tire-related roadside breakdowns.”

A video of the YardTRAQ in action is available at this link:

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