Mobile phone app coming for tolling at Detroit Windsor Tunnel

Drivers using the Detroit Windsor Tunnel will soon be able to use a mobile phone app brand named NEXPRESS Pay As You Go. The app generates a unique QR-code that can be read by a scanner, according to a TollRoad News report.

NEXPRESS Pay As You Go is an alternate to a NEXPRESS proximity card based toll payment in use at the border for several years.

The NEXPRESS app is available for download in Apple iOS and Android formats. The motorist displays the QR code on the smartphone to a reader from a foot or so away. It is designed for slow speed and stopping toll points of which there are many at international borders and at smaller and low speed toll bridges.

It is set up to allow prepayment of up to 10 tolls, and provides emailed receipts of tolls paid and provides alerts when only one trip remains.

The system comes from American Roads Technologies, a subsidiary company to toll road operator American Roads LLC based in Detroit, MI. American Roads in turn is owned by Alinda Capital Partners.

American Roads uses the NEXPRESS system at four toll bridges in Alabama as well as at the Margate Bridge NJ, rebranded the Downbeach Express, a privately held liftspan over the Intra Coastal Waterway serving communities on Jersey Shore barrier islands about five miles south of Atlantic City NJ.

American Roads is also the contract operator for the Detroit Windsor Tunnel, owned by the cities of Windsor and Detroit.

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