Mobile scanning now available within Prophesy Dispatch

The Prophesy division of Accellos has partnered with Eleos to incorporate mobile scanning within Prophesy Dispatch solutions. Eleos will supply its Drive Axle application to allow drivers to use smartphones to scan documents for transmission to the back office.

The driver simply takes a picture of the document using their smartphone and enters details such as the load number and/or BOL number, Prophesy said. The driver then selects the document type (POD, BOL, scale ticket, freight bill, log, fuel receipt, scale ticket, invoice, photograph or other).  The image is sent to the Drive Axle cloud where the image is enhanced using Eleos’ proprietary image enhancement engine.   The enhanced document is then imported into the Prophesy Dispatch program and is automatically indexed into the document imaging module for easy access within the system.

“We’re delighted to be part of Prophesy’s trucking dispatch software solution,” said Kevin Survance, founder and CEO of Eleos Technologies. “Our Drive Axle app makes life easier for drivers everywhere and integrates seamlessly with Prophesy’s software tools for faster billing and more efficient fleet operations.”

Drive Axle is a free mobile app that runs on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

 “The transportation industry is increasingly a mobile app driven business,” said William Ashburn, Accellos vice president. “Our new integration with Drive Axle allows our users to dynamically view and act upon documentation updates from their drivers in real time.”

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