Mobile software package improves ability to submit mileage, expense reports

Mobile software package improves ability to submit mileage, expense reports

Xora has made an addition to its Xora StreetSmart mobile workforce management solution to make it easier for mobile workers to submit mileage and related trip expenses. The new Mileage Manager allows workers equipped with the associated Trips mobile app to track mileage and expenses and send that information quickly and easily to the back office.

The solution also gives managers greater visibility into expected versus actual routes by comparing odometer, GPS and Google suggested routes.  Mileage Manager supports IRS requirements with configurable trip categories, purpose and reimbursement rates.

Xora StreetSmart is a suite of configurable mobile apps, plus a web-based management application. The mobile apps turn any mobile phone or tablet into a powerful productivity tool, the company said. The management application lets managers and office personnel analyze performance for improved decision-making.

Photo and electronic-signature capture provide proof of service.

“The addition of Mileage Manager is really a game changer for our customers,” said Tom Miltonberger, Vice President of Products and Engineering for Xora. “Now, our customers can better track and analyze expenses and reduce the overall trip related costs faster and more effectively.”

In addition to Mileage Manager, this release of Xora StreetSmart includes new and improved mobile device insights.  Now available in this release are a Device Status Log, new device battery level indicators and alerts that enable managers to proactively identify and resolve issues that arise with mobile devices in the field and improve the way these devices are used for maximum productivity.

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