Mobile website releases drivers from ‘desk duty’

PHH Arval has unveiled a new mobile device designed to allow drivers to complete fleet-related tasks using their smartphones.

The PHH InterActive for Drivers Mobile website provides access to vehicle and operator information from touchscreen smartphones, including the iPhone, Android or BlackBerry Touch or Playbook devices. Drivers can submit and view mileage reports, and find local repair shops or fuel stations.

The site also provides a proactive to-do list for common tasks; service card pin retrieval; extended login; and vehicle and service card information.

“This is the latest in a series of technology advances we have introduced that are designed to not only improve productivity, but also to enhance the customer experience,” said Dave Zuidema, senior vice president - customer experience. “Our technology solutions reflect the way fleet managers and drivers like to work – freeing them from the PC, using the technology they prefer, and making their job easier.”

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