Monrovia implements Load Track integration with ClearPathGPS

Trucker Tools announced an integration with ClearPathGPS that gives their joint customers single-screen visibility of shipments powered by internal fleet and third-party assets.

ClearPathGPS provides on-demand GPS tracking solutions to fleets in a variety of industries. Its tracking service uses an IoT device fixed to truck and trailer assets to continuously update location and other status information in an online management portal.

The Load Track platform is included in the Trucker Tools app and uses the GPS on drivers’ smartphones to capture near real-time shipment status. The integration with ClearPathGPS identifies shipment location and status updates as icons on a Google Map in the ClearPathGPS portal together with the icons of tracked fleet assets.

“Companies with private and dedicated fleets now have the capability to manage all of their assets and shipments on a single screen,” said Steve Wells, founder and vice president of marketing at ClearPathGPS. “The integration with Trucker Tools enables our customers to augment their asset tracking with real-time visibility of the shipments they outsource to third-party carriers and brokers.”

Monrovia, a grower of ornamental and landscaping plants in the United States, recently became the first joint customer of ClearPathGPS and Trucker Tools to use the integrated portal. Monrovia delivers a large volume of plant shipments annually from wholesale nurseries to retailers through four regional centers. The company operates private fleets at each center and tracks its equipment and loads using the ClearPathGPS service.

In fall 2016, Monrovia began using the Load Track platform for shipments it outsources to third-party carriers and brokers, according to Debbie Casale, Monrovia Connecticut shipping manager.

“We strive to be the best in everything and that includes technology,” Casale said. “Our reputation and integrity depend on our customers knowing they can rely on us to get material to them in a timely manner. We need proper tools and information to achieve that and Trucker Tools and ClearPathGPS are making it happen.”

Casale said the popularity of the Trucker Tools app among drivers is another reason for choosing Load Track. The free Trucker Tools app comes with trip-planning features that drivers use to locate truck stops, fuel prices, scales, rest areas, toll roads and get truck-specific navigation, among other advantages.

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