Montana to install 360SmartView truck screening system

The Montana Dept. of Transportation has selected 360SmartView to screen trucks at its Billings (eastbound on I-90) and Rocker (westbound on I-90) truck safety inspection facilities. 360SmartView will screen trucks for compliance with Montana's safety, regulatory and weight requirements. In addition, the system will screen truck brake system health using a new, state-of-the-art infrared system.

360SmartView gives roadside enforcement officers a current, complete and correct carrier and vehicle profile on the spot. By augmenting the visual information, 360SmartView helps Montana enforcement officers select those vehicles most in need of inspection while allowing compliant trucks to roll through enforcement facilities.

“We believe our unparalleled data on motor carriers was a critical element in being selected by Montana. Without current and comprehensive data, state enforcement officials may invest time in reviewing safe trucks with good safety records,” said Richard A. Clasby, president & CEO of HELP Inc., the 360SmartView service provider.

Not all carriers have records in the federal SAFER/CVIEW data systems. In some states, as many as 40% of those carriers in HELP’s cloud-based carrier database were not found in the federal systems. This is because HELP augments information from the federal systems with data from more than 90 other government sources of data, Clasby added.

HELP is a not-for-profit transportation partnership that aims to improve highway safety and efficiency. HELP ensures its initiatives benefit the public and private sectors through a board comprised of an equal number of public officials and commercial vehicle operators. HELP provides each state with control over its service offerings to accommodate each jurisdiction's unique needs, staffing and enforcement priorities.


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