More intelligence, reporting added to cost modeling application

Trincon Group has announced a major update to its TruCosting software that includes more comprehensive business intelligence and reporting capabilities.

TruCosting is a cost modeling application that integrates a fleet’s operating and financial systems to enable management to more accurately and easily identify their true cost of operation, price loads more effectively, and improve profitability.

The latest update also includes an optimization that allows it to be available for either in-house installation or to be run in a subscription SaaS environment.

“We’re very excited about the new release of TruCosting. The new reporting and business intelligence capabilities will give fleet executives greater access to detail information regarding the cost of operation down to the individual load level,” said Duff Swain, president.

Among the features of the program are:

  • New reports are available to identify which lanes or customers are most profitable; identify all the costs and revenue associated with a load, customer, terminal or lane; and identify where there may be opportunities for increased profit.
  • The business intelligence capabilities allow management to measure performance based on established vital signs (KPIs), and optimize resources by enabling detailed analysis prior to making critical business decisions. 
  • Expanded pricing capabilities will allow for more effective and consistent load pricing across the entire organization.
  • The introduction of a SaaS implementation model will make TruCosting more attractive to fleets of all sizes.”
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