Motorcraft adds online upload functionally to installer/fleet rebate program

Motorcraft has added new online upload functionality to customers using its installer/fleet rebate program. The online upload will make the rebate process more efficient and user-friendly, Motorcraft said.

Claim forms along with supporting documentation can all be uploaded via an online portal and will speed the rebate process, leading to faster returns for customers.

The new functionality will be available for Motorcraft’s recently announced second period rebate program which will run from May 1 to Aug. 1, 2013 and include savings of up to $870 with rebates on 20 Motorcraft products, new rebate offers on Motorcraft automatic transmission fluid and gasoline oil filters as well as unlimited redemption on powertrain assembly rebates.

Motorcraft processes 70,000 rebate claims each year and nearly 60% of customers submit those claims online, the company said.

“We want to make the rebate process as easy as possible for our installers, body shops and fleets,” said Lori Dunn, national Motorcraft marketing manager. “The new online functionality will streamline the process and give customers more ways to take advantage of Motorcraft incentives.”

The new process gives customers the ability to submit supporting documentation online instead of having to mail or fax materials separately, and online bundling will result in faster processing while still allowing users to check their claim status and view claim history online.

Customers can still submit claims via mail or fax.

In addition, customers can now also submit multiple rebate claims from a single invoice, eliminating the need to submit claims individually to qualify for reimbursement. Other changes include the elimination of the “one per policy,” allowing customers who purchase more than one of a product qualifying for a rebate to receive multiple rebates on the same invoice.

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