myGeoTracking adds driver, load management services

The cloud-hosted mobile workforce management solutions offered through myGeoTracking have added new options to make it easier for non-asset based brokers and fleets to manage their operations in real time using any cell phone.

The new driver and load management services provide real-time and schedule-based tracking, driver-dispatcher messaging and analytics. myGeoTracking’s load tracking and freight broker software gives real-time load and freight tracking services based on location, ETA and mileage. The service requires no app or special devices and works on all phones, maker Abaqus said. The service also supports EDI and web APIs for custom integration with transportation management software systems.

The service also provides strict privacy controls for the driver.

With the dashboard, the addition and removal of drivers on an ad-hoc basis is possible, as is getting driver privacy consent using text or voice calls, the viewing and sharing of locations for individual loads and setting up trips. Alerts can be included if and when there are any delays or deviations.

myGeoTracking's load tracking and freight broker software is a cloud-based solution that requires no software installation on a computer or any app on a driver’s phone.

“Now the transportation industry can leverage existing phones, with no apps or on-premise software, to get the real-time information they need about their contract drivers and fleet to improve operations and boost their bottom line,” said Shailendra Jain, CEO. “For privacy controls, drivers can be opted in to the service for the load run and opted out at the end of the load through a simple text message.”

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