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New accident reporting app available for trucking

A new mobile accident reporting app tool for the transportation industry has re-set the standard for documenting the occurrence of commercial and business vehicle traffic crashes.

The Accident Plan app leads the driver through each critical step of the accident reporting process, and will also keep administrators informed in real time, document every vital aspect of the event and assemble it into a comprehensive accident report.

In addition, it provides an animated, seven-chapter training video featuring “Skidmore.” Skidmore teaches drivers in advance about proper accident reporting and conduct.

“The motor carrier has long held the disadvantage when it comes to crash defense,” says Brendan Dawson, Founder and CEO of Accident Plan. “That’s due, at least in part, to the driver not having proper tools and training with which to adequately handle a stressful crash scene event.”

Baffled by the inadequacy of the old paper accident kit, Dawson said he built Accident Plan from scratch in order to give drivers a tool to help them focus on the critical task at hand and for motor carriers who need to proactively manage their claims.

According to co-founder Patrick Fay of Fay Engineering, accident reconstruction experts since 1971, Accident Plan can help level the playing field for motor carriers by helping the driver capture critically important information.

“Vital data can be swept away quickly as emergency crews begin to clear the scene,” Fay says. “Accident Plan gives the driver and the motor carrier the best chance to collect that data while it’s still fresh.”  “This information can create a distinct advantage during investigation and can significantly limit a carrier’s exposure during potential litigation.”

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