New analytic tools help managers benchmark, optimize fleet performance

GE Capital Fleet Services has released new analytical tools to help fleet managers benchmark and optimize their fleet’s performance. Available through GE Capital Fleet Services’ strategic consulting services (SCS) group, the tools allow customers to capture, analyze and act on their fleet data for real-time benchmarking, optimization, and fleet rightsizing via cargo rationalization.

“Since 2008, our team has identified more than $1.6 billion in potential savings opportunities for our customers, with nearly $200 million identified during the first half of this year alone,” said Steve Jastrow, strategic consulting services manager at GE Capital Fleet Services.  “By combining the advice of our experts with the results of these sophisticated new tools, fleet managers will continue to receive the maximum return on their investment.”

Through the real-time benchmarking tool, fully-outsourced fleet management customers can tap into GE Capital’s data warehouse – which includes detailed maintenance, fuel, and accident information for more than 800,000 fleet vehicles — for real-time benchmarking data to evaluate fleet performance. Customers can easily gain access to highly customized comparisons of how their fleet is performing in relation to other fleets of similar size and composition, and compare benchmarking data across any stage of their fleet’s life.

Customers can also quantify and prioritize more than 40 different cost savings and performance improvement opportunities to minimize expenditures based on their own unique business operations and needs, and maximize the return on investment of their fleet.

Another benefit is rightsizing of both vehicles and fleet size. By taking into account vehicle selection criteria including cargo space, safety and business need, GE Capital’s customers can now identify the appropriate size and type of vehicles for the job, thereby improving both fuel economy and resale values.

“Our customers have always been able to utilize the wealth of knowledge of our strategic consultants to realize their cost savings potential,” said Ken Johnson, managing director of strategic consulting and fleet management solutions at GE Capital Fleet Services.  “These tools, in addition to our customized personal approach to the needs of our customers, aim to further optimize fleet productivity and cost savings.”

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