New fleet management portal for tracking assets in remote areas

Blue Sky Network has introduced a new fleet management portal that is said to offer seamless connectivity with assets in problematic cellular reception areas.

New SkyRouter is a feature-rich, cloud-based solution designed to support connectivity with remotely dispersed mobile assets including Blue Sky Network’s advanced Dual-Mode GSM and Iridium tracking and communications services, the company said.

New SkyRouter leverages the integration of Blue Sky Network’s HawkEye 5300 which enhances coverage of GSM cellular tracking capabilities with global coverage to deliver dual-mode tracking and event reporting of assets located anywhere in the world.

Fleet managers can receive real-time updates which include GPS location information, messages, and onboard diagnostic (OBDII) alerts.

“Our next generation New SkyRouter for land mobile fleet applications furthers our commitment to be a market leader in advanced tracking products for customers who demand customized solutions and exceptional customer service,” said Jon Gilbert, CEO and founder of Blue Sky Network. “This new platform, in concert with our superb products, means more mobile asset sectors can benefit from smooth integration of tracking hardware with a cloud-based portal for seamless command and control across multiple asset types and deployments.”

New SkyRouter works in combination with Blue Sky Network’s robust certified hardware, which can be easily installed on land, aviation and marine assets. Features include over-the-air parameter settings, automated event reporting, local sensor data capture, and two-way messaging capability.

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