Azuga DashCam Mobile App Image: Azuga

New lower-cost fleet video monitoring available from Azuga

Connected vehicle and fleet management systems company Azuga announced a range of wireless-enabled, dash-mounted video camera products that aim to offer a lower-cost option for businesses looking to add video to their vehicles. The new video offerings give fleets accurate, real-time visibility into driver behavior during vehicle incidents, according to the company.

Azuga DashCam pairs with Azuga's line of fleet solutions and is designed to monitor and improve driver behavior, reduce risk and lower costs related to driving incidents. Azuga claims its DashCam Lite product is the most affordable video monitoring option on the market —  it uses a driver's smartphone camera as a video feed and costs $7.99 per month per vehicle, plus wireless carrier data plan charges.

For more comprehensive monitoring, Azuga is offering two additional DashCam versions with standalone wireless cameras and optional advanced recording features. Pricing varies based on the fleet's needs and customizations.

Azuga DashCam continuously monitors driving activity, and when triggered, automatically records up to 10 seconds of video before and after an incident is detected related to hard braking, sudden acceleration or hard cornering. Video clips are transmitted to the cloud and added to individual drivers' reports that include time, date, location and speed details.

To help fleet managers determine whether drivers are at fault for incidents, videos are analyzed and given a risk score. 

"With our range of Azuga DashCam solutions, we've made it financially feasible for every fleet manager to have a visual snapshot of their drivers' behaviors when driving incidents occur," said Ananth Rani, co-founder and CEO of Azuga. The video products combine with the company's "social telematics" platform that uses gamification to reward safe driving, he noted.


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