New Noregon JPRO update adds Mack/Volvo module Photo courtesy of Noregon

New Noregon JPRO update adds Mack/Volvo module

Maintenance system provider Noregon is releasing a new update to its JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostic software package – designated CVD 2014 v1 – and also released a JPRO CVD Command Module for Mack and Volvo truck models.

The JPRO CVD Command Module–Mack and Volvo is an add-on module used in conjunction with its JPRO Heavy-Duty module, Noregon said at a press conference during the 2014 Technology & Maintenance Council meeting in Nashville, TN; a module specifically designed for 2007 model and newer Mack and Volvo trucks equipped with Mack and Volvo engines.

In addition to reading and displaying fault codes, the new Command Module can be used to perform critical commanded tests and bi-directional testing and functions on those 2007 model and newer Mack and Volvo engines, including:

  • Manual regeneration of diesel particulate filter (DPF)
  • Cylinder cut out test for fuel injectors
  • Set road and cruise control speed tests
  • Set parameters for idle shutdown times
  • Reset trip data

The software also generates trip report information, including: total running time and distance, fuel economy, average driving speed, idle times, hard braking and other data related to vehicle driver performance, the company said.

For fleets who work exclusively on Mack or Volvo trucks, Noregon is also offering a “stand-alone” software module called Truck Diagnostic System.

Both the Truck Diagnostic System and the JPRO CVD Command Module for Mack and Volvo trucks are sold as annual subscription-only software modules, the company said, with the software remaining active – including regular updates and tech support – only with a current subscription. Activation requires a one-year minimum electronic user’s license agreement (EULA), Noregon added.

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