New onboard electronic scale allows automatic transfer of data

A new onboard scale from Air-Weigh captures every lift and download on front-end refuse loaders and downloads that information automatically to an office PC.

The BinMaxx XL scale features GPS and Bluetooth technology and can be used by customers who don’t use on onboard computer. It transmits a daily lift report for each vehicle directly to a PC.

The BinMaxx XL captures each bin lift location, time, and weight and saves the information. Once the vehicle returns, the simple-to-use office PC software can automatically download the lift report from the truck, the company said. The Bluetooth transceivers provide a range of up to 500 ft., making it easy to connect to trucks parked all around the yard. 

Lift reports are stored in a standard file format compatible with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs. It requires no driver interaction.

BinMaxx XL is available as a complete scale kit or as an upgrade for existing BinMaxx scales. The complete kit includes the BinMaxx XL scale, BinMaxx XL office PC software, Bluetooth transceivers, and a GPS receiver.

“This is an exciting new product,” said Martin Ambros, CEO. “An integrated front-end loader scale that captures and stores lift information, and automatically relays reports to the office, will greatly increase efficiency.”

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