New real-time data access for fuel haulers

A new partnership between Cadec Global and Digital Fuel Solutions (DFS) will make a web-based management tool available to fuel haulers, optimizing the entire fuel delivery process at each level of the operation.

Through this partnership, PowerVue customers in the fuel industry can benefit from the DFS System and its real-time delivery of critical information about fuel delivery assignments, terminal and source information, and last-minute delivery changes. In addition, drivers can communicate to the back office updates such as manifest numbers, exact gallons loaded, stick readings at the stations, time stamped loading and dropping information.
All of the pickup and delivery workflow is accessible on Cadec’s PowerVue in-cab computer and communicated in real-time to the back office to expedite billing.

“Cadec is committed to the helping fleets deliver and act on real-time driver and vehicle data to improve safety, increase operational efficiencies, reduce unnecessary costs and improve customer service,” said Jon Bernstein, CEO of Cadec. “This partnership with DFS will allow us to further expand into the petroleum industry and deliver real-time fuel pickup and delivery data while providing an intuitive driver experience.”
Digital Fuel Solutions automates the fuel delivery process, giving distributors and gas station owners the ability to track the entire process online, step by step.

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