New transponder expands PrePass toll service

New transponder expands PrePass toll service

PHILADELPHIA. HELP Inc., the non-profit public/private partnership that provides PrePass weigh station bypass service, has rolled out its all-new ElitePass transponder and expanded PrePass Plus electronic toll payment services to California and Kansas, with Oklahoma, Texas with others coming very soon.

“Nobody likes paying tolls,” said HELP Inc. President and CEO Karen Rasmussen. “But in reality, tolls are a fact of life and will continue to be a growing part of how roads and bridges are funded in the future. In trucking, where time really equates to money and where every minute counts, a single technology that provides coast-to-coast electronic toll payment and couples it with weigh station bypassing for qualified fleets meets a critical industry need.”

The newly added tolling systems are in addition to the already existing PrePass Plus toll payment services throughout the E-ZPass network. E-ZPass encompasses 15 states including: Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and West Virginia.

Formed in 1993, HELP Inc. provides one-device bypassing and electronic toll payment. Today, over 530,000 qualified trucks from more than 46,000 fleets are enrolled in PrePass services. HELP Inc. is nearing a milestone of 670 million actual weigh-station bypasses since 1997, resulting in cost savings of nearly $4.8 billion to motor carriers. With 15 new PrePass sites and new weigh-in-motion (WIM) scales soon to be provided by HELP at many existing PrePass sites, compliant carriers will enjoy the savings and safety that come from bypassing weigh stations and electronically paying their tolls without having to stop at toll booths.

“It’s very, very exciting to see that kind of growth and that kind of interest,” Rasmussen added, speaking to press at the American Trucking Assns. Management Conference and Exhibition here this week. “Every time you don’t have to go into a weight station, you save $8.68. So this means significant savings for the carrier and enforcement.”

Indeed, the Help Inc. board has recently voted to invest in new weigh-in-motion (WIM) scales around the country, installing WIM in every new PrePass site, as well as retrofitting existing sites, she added.

With the advanced ElitePass technology, subscribing fleets can utilize one device and one account from one service provider to bypass hundreds of weigh stations in more than 30 states and electronically pay tolls in nearly 20. This breakthrough technology instantly provides time, fuel and cost savings to carriers by making weigh station bypassing and electronic toll payment easier and more efficient than ever before.

“Not only does ElitePass provide tremendous efficiencies for our customers, it’s also the gold standard of technology that works accurately, reliably, safely and securely every time, with no worries about connectivity or data privacy,” Rasmussen said. “No other single system or technology in the market today can match the 99.95% accuracy of ElitePass. It just works.” 

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