New transportation suite offers flexible reporting

A new software transportation suite combines two popular programs in a scalable, flexible reporting solution. Intelek EDI Transportation Suite, from Intelek Technologies Corp., combines the company’s StripMiner EDI Screen Scraper software and its DiamondMine EDI transaction software.

Intelek added a few new features and bundled the new package in a scalable, modular, hosted package, it said. The new software package allows trucking companies to use EDI transaction software equipped with the ability to gather (scrape), post, or verify any kind of data from any website or file and return the data in any required format, Intelek said.

“This product is the first of its kind for the transportation industry,” said Gary Hopkins, CEO and founder of Intelek Technologies. “EDI is perhaps the most non-standard ‘standard’ in any industry today. Shipper requirements and formats are constantly changing, making it almost impossible for trucking companies to keep up. With our new Intelek EDI Transportation Suite, we are not only giving our customers automated 24/7 load gathering capabilities, but we are giving them all the necessary tools to meet national EDI standards as well.”

The software uses a “unique engine” to recognize patterns in shipper websites, pulls that information and delivers it back in any format. The software automatically searches partner websites for loads that meet specific criteria determined by a carrier’s business practices, such as lanes, charge, distance and weight, Intelek added. When a match is located, the solution automatically “scrapes” the load and performs a variety of functions, including automatically accepting the load, issuing a 204 for CSR review, and sending an email.

“We understand that no two freight carriers or their shipper requirements are the same,” said Hopkins. “Some use EDI transactions, while others post on a website or send on an Excel spreadsheet. The format doesn’t matter. We will automate the process and send it back in any format our customer wants.”

The easy-to-implement and flexible solution can be used with any communication platform, including Direct FTP, Secure FTP, AS1, AS2, AS3, SSH, FTPS, email or existing Multi-VAN services, saving monthly data transmission costs, the company said. The suite includes a library of thousands of EDI trading partners, in addition to accepting modules, such as GPS tracking and trading partner relationships, without any added software or hardware purchases.

There is no per transaction or per-use fees and the software integrates with most leading dispatch software programs.

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